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Last updated on January 12th, 2023

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“THERE IS NO BETTER BOAT THAN A HOROSCOPE TO HELP A MAN CROSS OVER THE SEA OF LIFE”. Here, we are talking about a tarot card and face reader, LALIT RASTOGI. His experience is more than 4 years.

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Area of expertise

 Lalit Rastogi is a young and passionate tarot reader. Tarot is an ancient divination that began in 14th century Europe. Traditional tarot decks characterize symbolic archetypes that allow us to tap into our intuition and gain clarity through Tarot card readings. So, he considers that the tarot shows us what lies beyond our eyes and It helps us to make better decisions. Tarot is the best tool for knowing how you can master and improve your life with Universe guidance.

He has expertise in face reading. Face reading is an ancient science to observe facial expressions. He can easily analyze a person’s behavior, personality, status, etc. by just reading his/her face. By using the techniques which he owns, he provides the best services to numerous clients across the globe. And because of this, he is getting great success in the last 4 years.

Utilizing his extensive knowledge and remarkable instinctive capacities, he is creating a holistic strategy to make accurate predictions. He can generate enthusiasm in your life. An astrologer like him can make your life happier by analyzing your horoscope and providing you with the best astrological solutions. So, choosing the best astrologer can make your life happier.

Educational background

Mr. Lalit Rastogi is an engineer. He has completed his Master’s degree(M.Tech) in Computer Science & Engineering. He has also an L.L.B degree holder and a certified tarot card reader. Mr. Lalit believes to help people. He has a propitious approach to life and a scientific approach to astrology. He is a very ambitious person and very dedicated to his profession.

Being the famous tarot card reader, he provides effective and unique solutions to the problems of his valuable clients along with powerful mantras and remedies. The remedies given by him are very easy and are almost proven effective. Because the remedies given by him are very easy, you can do them easily.

 He has adopted all his skills from his respected GURUJI – “PANDIT RADHE SHYAN SHARMA JI”. A long time ago, he also got stuck into some family issues and wanted help. In that situation, he went to PANDIT RADHE SHYAN SHARMA JI and pandit Ji helped him to solve his problem. He was very influenced by Pandit Ji. So, he started practicing with him. The thing which motivated him is that everyone needs support and someone who can hold their hands. So, he wants to show them the right way in their life.

His Vision toward humanity

He believes that every person is unique. The universe has solutions for every problem that Humans faces throughout their life, but it is all about seeking the right guidance in life at right time. The truth is that the universe will not give you anything that is not in your interest. Now, he is far away from his profession. He will help you to seek the right path and give you guidance towards excellence. Mr. Lalit Rastogi is enlightening the lives of numerous people over a long period of time. He is trying his best to assist people with their internal and external struggles. So, His job makes him realize the bigger picture and his true calling to spirituality and occult science.

Through astrology, humanity is connected to spirituality. Astrology helps you to harness the best aspects of your personality for self-improvement. But where will you get the guidance from? that is the question and the answer is Mr.lalit Rastogi. With the right guidance from the top tarot card and face reader, you can cherish your life and fulfill your life with a lot of happiness and prosperity.

Lalit Rastogi – Professional experience

Now, Mr. Lalit Rastogi is a professional ASTROLOGER and he works with a well-known website. The website he works with is very famous and the best astrology website for astrology predictions. Moreover, his customers are always satisfied with his solutions and remedies. He handles the problem of his customers at a personal level and tries to build a relationship with them. On that website, his rating is 4.92 and he is totally making a very good place in the life of other people by solving their problems. Many people on the website recommend him as he is very enthusiastic and a very good motivator. He inspires and comforts his clients by being very honest and transparent in his predictions. He is offering his clients to ask questions so that they get completely satisfied with the outcomes and results.

Lalit Rastogi – Vision toward Astrology

His vision of astrology is that it is helping humankind for an indefinite and very long period of time now, and it will continue to do so. And this is the only way that aid humanity. He keeps the faith that astrology is all about understanding the flow of our souls and minds. And merging them in different aspects of life such as education, career, relationships, marriage, kids, finance, and much more.   He can predict the future easily in the fields of marriage, love life, and career. He is having very good communication skills and can communicate in English, Hindi, and Punjabi.

Every person should have faith in what they are doing and this is the only reason why he is getting success in his field. Because of his beliefs, he is giving his best guidance to many people. This is a story of an engineer who totally changed his profession from being an engineer to a Tarot card and face reader.  The conclusion is -“WHERE LIFE WANTS TO TAKE IT, IT TAKES IT” and this is only a simple quote that can easily explain the journey of this guy from an engineer to a tarot card and face reader. 

Lalit Rastogi FAQs Answer

How much experience does he have

Lalit Rastogi has 7+ years of industrial experience working with an MNC company as a full-stack Developer, also he has 4+ years of experience in tarot card reading and astrology

Educational qualifications of Lalit Rastogi

He has done in Computer science and also he has LLB degree.

Where we can connect him

Lalit Rastogi is available on a famous astrology platform called Astrotalk.

Address of Lalit Rastogi

Lalit Rastogi lives in the small town of Uttarakhand called Sitarganj.

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