How to do Vat Savitri Puja?

Last updated on February 25th, 2022

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Vat Savitri has incredible importance in Hindu hearts. It is told in the Puranas that Savitri, an extremely committed spouse of Satyawan constrained Lord Yama to restore her significant other.

In a few pieces of India or for an enormous part of Hindus, Vat Savitri puja or the love on Vat Savitri day is what could be compared to the Karwa Chauth Vrat.

This promising day falls o the Amavasya (NO Moon day or New Moon Day) of Jyeshtha maas (month) of the Hindu schedule. While it is mid of the period of Jyeshtha in North India, the majority of the locales of the South discover their Jyeshtha maas – the third month of Hindu schedule.

Vat Savitri has incredible importance in Hindu hearts. It is told in the Puranas that Savitri, an extremely given spouse of Satyawan (a dislodged ruler) strolled on alongside his spirit till the entryways of Lord Yama’s habitation since she was not prepared to leave behind her young husband who had fallen because of a revile.

Yama was extremely upset to discover an individual in flesh take the unforgiving excursion to the underworld and requested she returns to Prithvi – the Martya Lok, the house of the humans. Savitri concurred – relying on the prerequisite that her better half – alive and his own self again – goes with her. Yama loses in this skirmish of brains and favors the couple since a long time ago wedded life and sends the team alive and cheerful back to Earth.

Since this whole scene happened under a Vat Vriksha, a Banyan tree – the Vat acquired priority in the story. This day lakhs of ladies stroll around a Vat Vriksha (Bargad ka ped or Vat Vriksha) with a string (moli-dhaga) multiple times around a Vat Vriksha – imploring not just for the long existence of their spouses yet in addition that they get similar husband for every one of the seven births written in one’s destiny.

In sweet joining of cutting edge otherworldliness, various spouses likewise quick alongside their wives on this day and furthermore go with her to the Vat Pujan – additionally asking a similar gift for her prosperity.

Vat Savitri Puja Vidhi:

Ladies can notice the quick to expand life span and great soundness of her better half’s life. It is accepted that Devi Savitri got her significant other back from Yamraj (the God of death). Petitioning Vat tree with a yellow-red string and circumventing it in Parikrama is a custom. In any case, without this tree, one can make the tree at home utilizing turmeric or sandalwood and play out the puja with a similar enthusiasm.”

How to carry out Vat Savitri Puja at home:

  • Get up right on time and wash, ideally adding some Ganga Jal to bathwater.
  • Wear perfect, new garments.
  • Cook new pooris. Convey 24 Pooris with washed natural products in the Pallu or on a platter.
  • Take these pooris and fal-naivedyam (natural products as offering to God) to the tree you will revere
  • Offer Haldi and Kum to the tree.
  • With commitment, keep a large portion of the pooris (12 laptops) as a prasad offering at the tree’s base.
  • Make a Swastika out of Haldi, Roli (Kum) and akshat (grains of rice) before the tree
  • Light dhoop, profound, agarbatti
  • Take a little pack/roll of kachcha sooti dhaga or cotton string and go round the tree – tying the string around tree trunk
  • Offer a grain of Chana at the foundation of the tree after each round
  • Complete 12 such adjusts
  • Plunk down before the Vat tree advertisement ask

In the daytime, figure out how to peruse out loud the Vat Savitri Vrat Katha – the account of Satyawan and Savitri, their undying affection for one another and how they caused the God of Death to yield to their supplications.

In the evening, break your quick by first gulping the red-shaded bud of a Bargad tree and 11 doused or simmered chana grains.


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