Hanuman pooja and fast on Tuesday


Last updated on April 13th, 2022

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Hanuman will remove your all the troules on this fast,know the importance of worship and story

In Vedic writings, the day of Mangal (Tuesday) is viewed as the most promising and government assistance. It is said that in Kali Yuga, Hanuman Ji (Hanuman Ji) is the lone lasting God. Consistent dedication to Hanumanji is expulsion, Saturn and planetary block, infection and loss, independence from court-court-jail subjugation, Maran-spellbinding sublimation, occasion mishap evasion, Mars dosha, independence from obligation, jobless and push Or dispose of nervousness. It is said that on the beauty of Hanuman ji, nobody can stop his hair. Fasting of Hanuman ji on Tuesday makes terrible works and inconveniences from life. How about we understand what you should remember to keep Mangalavar fast.

Tuesday fasting rituals

– Wake up before dawn on Tuesday.

– By managing the cycle, it ought to be perfect in the wake of cleaning up.

Wearing red garments on this day is considered propitious. After that Hanumanji should offer red blossoms, vermilion, garments.

– Rightly, one ought to discuss Hanuman Chalisa or Sundarkand by lighting a fire before Hanuman’s sculpture.

At the hour of trick, enjoy Hanumanji with Besan Laddus or Kheer and ought to eat self-saturated food.

– Those noticing Mangalwar ought to notice Brahmacharya on this day.

– It is perceived that individuals experiencing Manglik deformity additionally advantage from keeping the fast of Tuesday.

– This fast is likewise thought to be powerful to eliminate the difficulties of Mahadasha, Dhaiya or Sadesati of Shani.

To overcome all the problems of life and to get rid of every crisis and suffering, chant the below mantras. Mahabali Hanuman’s distress mantra:-

First Mantra – ॐ Tejasay Namah:

Second Mantra – ॐ Prasannaatnam Namah:

Third Mantra – ॐ Shourai Nama:

Fourth Mantra – ॐ Shantay Namas:

Fifth Mantra – ॐ Marutatmajay Namah Sixth Mantra – Oon Hanumate Namah

On Tuesday evening, sit before Hanuman ji and serenade these mantras in any event multiple times or at most however much you can. Every one of your emergencies will be cut soon.

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